Monday, July 6, 2009

16 TOTAL Houseguests! Spoiler Alert!

From our friends at the (click on their link in my Blogroll, Big Brother 11):

The Big Brother 11 houseguests entered their new home yesterday and the game has been underway ever since. As I hoped, we’ve already got our first Big Brother spoilers leaked out from RealityBBQ. The cliques have been rumorishly confirmed along with how previous HGs play into that 13th mystery spot.

If you’d rather keep it a surprise until Thursday, then just move to the next post. Otherwise, click “Continue Reading” to find out what happened overnight…

Okay, BB spoiler time. The HGs were split into groups again to enter the house and Russell, Ronnie, Laura, and Kevin went first. The cliques divided up almost as I had guessed. I was so close! Swap Chima into the “Brainiacs” and Casey into the “Off-Beats” and you’ve got the cliques:

Brainiacs: Ronnie, Michele, and Chima
Athletes: Natalie, Russell, and likely Jeff
Populars: Laura, Jordan, and Braden
Off-Beats: Lydia, Kevin, and Casey

Now for the 13th houseguest rumor. Supposedly, as many suspected, it’ll be a past Big Brother player, but there won’t be just one. Instead there will be 4 of them, one for each clique. The groups still don’t know who it’ll be, but the tipster says “One of them had a showmance. Another was almost an All Star.” And, most interesting of all is the tip that the first HoH will be a former HG. Shocka!

Great investigative journalism Matt!

Any guesses on who the Mystery HG's will be? I'm going to guess Sheila, Brian, Jessica and Remy. The Remy guess is a total shot in the dark.

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