Sunday, July 5, 2009

Russell The Love Muscle Makes Me Vomit

Jessie part deux. Russell's one of those guys who's obsessed with his body because he can't think of anything else clever to discuss other than himself. I'll bet he's a face painter when he goes to sports games. He's got a lot of "buddies" and they like to drink beer and make misogynistic remarks. He wants to be a bad boy, but he's really just a generic wrestling tool. Don't you dare make any homosexual remarks about this guy! He's all man and he'll break your face in order to prove how straight he is. In other words, he's a dime a dozen. He's a stereotype. I'll be shocked if he has any redeeming qualities.

Maybe... just maybe a priest touched him when he was a child and this strong guy bravado is a defense mechanism? There's something about him that almost makes me think he could have a HUGE secret. Am I reaching here? Am I expecting too much from Russell The Love Muscle or is he really just a stereotypical jock with nothing more to offer the world? I'm almost willing to give him a chance if he has a deep dark secret. If he doesn't have a secret, then the hell with him.

At 4:57, did he call himself a "heartbreaker? I'm putting this out there right now. Evict him FIRST!

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  1. Get a life....The kid is brash and loud, but he's 24, quite articulate, as well as a working profession which would suggest he has a set a brains. What have you contributed? If you're unapologeticly ascerbic criticisms where even remotely based on factual judgements then you might have some credibility.But your comments aren't. Clearly you are not a very good judged of character...but instead are deluded enough to believe you are. Get some therapy and maybe you could at least contribute something worthwhile and factual to the popular public press