Monday, July 6, 2009

Laura: I Need A Saddle For This Interview

The weirdest interview yet. Laura's face is REALLY disturbing. If she didn't fancy herself to be hot shit she wouldn't bug me, but she does so that makes her fair game. Oats. Ugly girls who think they're pretty are the absolute worst. You have to keep pushing them down with the palm of your hand. And they're tenacious little monkeys to boot. Canter. So many of them end up on reality shows. Maybe that's because the real world doesn't like them getting above their station in life and reality shows are their only milieu.

While I can't handle looking at her without brushing a My Little Pony's hair, I kind of like everything she's saying. She's brutally honest, doesn't take shit from anyone, and wants a girl to control the game... three things I typically admire in people. Wildfire. That face, nonexistent upper lip, is really going to be hard for me to get around though. Whoa Horsey! Very few ugly girls who think they're hot have redeeming personalities. If Laura pulls it off, I'll give her credit (and some cash for some collagen).

UPDATE: Here's Laura's interview with Diane

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