Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chenbot Reveals Twist On Craig Ferguson

Julie Chen was on Craig Ferguson last night and, in addition to revealing this year's twist, she revealed that she's going to be having a bouncing baby boy. Congratulations Chenbot!

I'm not going to mince words here. Chenbot really didn't reveal anything we already didn't know. She says there will be a mystery 13th Houseguest from a former season. This is what we've been told ALL ALONG! No new news here babe. The thing that pisses me off just a tad is how all these other BB sites have been reporting 16 HG's for the past week. Apparently, they all heard it from their super secret inside sources. What a crock!

The moral to this story is that the ONLY source die hard BB fans can count on and trust is the mysterious insider known as Corner Office. Corner Office is the only one who consistently reports accurate information. If you check out my last post in the spoilers section, you'll see all the crazy rumors that were going around yesterday. BBDish had CONFIRMED, set in stone, tattooed it on their ass that there were going to be 4 new HG's. Meanwhile, Steven (last night on BB Hour) AND Julie Chen flew in and unconfirmed that shit in one fell swoop.

Back to Ferguson... remember when Julie was on last year and Craig had a field day picking on Jessie? Well, the way she said that Craig will definitely remember the HG coming back makes me think it could very well be Jessie. Jessie with his rippling muscles and empty head has come squatting back into my heart. I love this boy and all his ridiculous metaphors. He gives me endless material for my daily posts. Mind you, I don't want him to win or anything. I merely want this strapping young buck to continue to be a moron so I can, in turn, retell it all here in order to entertain you good people with.

Here's the clip from last night. Enjoy!


  1. Check out Julie's bracelet at!

  2. well i for one would love to see jesse get another chance i hope they put in extra mirrors for him lolllllllllll :)