Sunday, July 5, 2009

Super Fabulous Kevin Interview Gives Me Face

Faaaaabulous! Face. Face. Face. Give me face! (You'll only get that if you watched RuPaul's Drag Race) Where is Nina Flowers when you need her?

His lingo, his scarf, his fabulosity... I love him! Choo choo... I am officially on board Kevin's gay train of love. He describes himself as "super fabulous with a snap" or "ghetto fabulous". His parents are crazy religious and, as a result, he's allergic to jesus. I love that. I'm totally stealing that phrase from him. I could sit and listen to him talk for hours. Everything is drama and he's divine.

My fantasy: Lydia and Kevin become besties and control everyone like mad fabulous puppeteers.


  1. he gives face, beauty, face! lol that was one of the best moments on that show though i must say i was so sad that Shannel didnt win. it is very rare that a Queen be both a hot man AND a sexy woman, but she looked equally as amazing as both! and she was a total bitch and i loved it.

  2. "he gives face, beauty, face!" LMAO Oh my god so funny. I got a get a copy of that song. Michael K. at dlisted can quote it verbatim. It's hysterical.

    Shannel was good, but I was all about Nina Flowers loca. Wasn't that such a great show? I'm so glad it's coming back for a second season.

  3. I meant, "I've got TO get a copy..." Sounded like an illiterate hillbilly there for a sec.