Friday, July 10, 2009

Operation Sex Bomb In Full Effect

Did you hear that last night? The low gentle swell of Hallelujah's when the feeds turned on. You know you felt a tingle in your nether regions. You can't fool me.

Jessie is back in the house and personally I'm thrilled. Jessica, Cowboy or Brian would have been too boring. A gentle hairless man beast, on the other hand, always brings the drama.

Jessie Haters, get over yourselves! He's in the house for a limited amount of time. He will NOT win this show. The 12 new HG's have a common bond that even Jessie and his 20 new lbs of man flesh can't penetrate. He's here on a short stint so let's take advantage while we can. He lives in the Land Of Fancy, a mythical world where prisons pop up at every corner and women with faces like frying pans gently knead his calves. In addition, he's brought something new this season and I like to call it the Schlemeel Schlemazel. More on that later.

The feeds turned on and one thing is more than apparent - pervy camera guy is back! Lydia and Jordan decided it would be great fun to dress themselves in bright girly lingerie for the Showtime crowd and pervy camera guy was determined to get his camera up Jordan's dress. It's impossible to do with a camera embedded in the wall, but gosh darn if pervy camera didn't try his damndest.

While we appreciate Jordan and Lydia getting dressed up, it was a little awkward and forced. They weren't performing a lavish show like Chelsia and Natalie did that one legendary night (you know the one I'm talking about). Instead they beautified themselves and then sat around doing nothing special. The other girls snickered and stared. Laura, Natalie, and Ronnie called them America's Favorite Sluts while Chima (pronounced She-ma) said they looked like ho's. I was confused and besotten. How banging is Lydia's body? She's tall, lithe, and has legs for days. At the same time she was fidgety and tugging at her outfit. Maybe it hit her that wearing silly lingerie without a plan wasn't the best of ideas.

While Jordan (who they unfortunately call 'Gucci') and Lydia walked delicately on high heels through the backyard, Russell was busy falling in love in the kitchen. Boy has never met a mirror he didn't like. All night he gazed at himself in every mirror he encountered. He'd turn his head this way and that, flexed his pecs, and looked himself up and down at his reflection as if he were eyeing a choice piece of meat. In actuality, he's a bald short man who added muscle because he couldn't add inches.

Russell only averted his gaze away from himself when Jessie floated down the stairs. You should have seen the glint in his eye! Dare I say, he sparkled? So now Laverne and Shirley are in the kitchen admiring each other's muscles gabbing away like Jonas Brother fans and asking each other, "What did you think me?" "I thought you were ripped. What did you think of me?" Mensa material clearly. It was almost beautiful watching the birth of this bromance.

In between the awkward lingerie show and the man love taking place in the kitchen, I discovered who our 2 HG's up for eviction are. It's Chima and Lydia. Really Jessie, really? I guess I'm not surprised he went with 2 women. Didn't he always target the women on his season as well? Women just don't appreciate his muscles like other men do I guess.

It turns out that during a food competition called 'Haves and Have Nots'. Chima threw a major hissy fit when she lost and was placed in the Have Nots. The Have Nots are on slop, have to take cold showers, and are forced to sleep in the dreaded Third Room. Apparently, she bitched and moaned telling the producers that this is not what she signed up for. Uh yeah bitch, this is what you signed up for!

OK so the house is clearly divided. On one side we have Natalie, Chima, Russell, Laura and Jessie. The other side is Jordan, Lydia, Jeff, Kevin and Casey. It's unclear where Michele and Ronnie really lie. Michele doesn't speak and Ronnie floats in between the two groups. Chima, Jessie and Natalie all have a problem with Jeff. They can't believe he'd vote against his clique. Jeff is doing his own thing and not following the crowd. Makes me like him all the more.

A word on Jeffy Pooh: Allison Grodner had it all wrong. Butter Face Braden is not eye candy at all. He's soft and flabby with the body of a woman 2 months pregnant. It's Jeff who's captured the ladies hearts in the live feeds. Girls were swooning all over the place over him. I don't get it at all. I find him perfectly ordinary, but who am I to argue with the majority?

Lydia, pissed at her nomination, is determined to win the POV and stay in the house. Until then, she and Kevin have launched Operation Sex Bomb. She's going to use her feminine wiles to stay in the game. She did say in her interview that she would hook up in order to further her game. A woman true to her word.

Her first victim was Russell. She slinked over to him in the kitchen, towering above him, and gripping him in a tight bear hug. He blushed and said she was so freaking tall. Next was Casey. He walked by and Lydia shouted, "Casey is there a moment where you don't look so good?" Casey grinned and flirted back saying it was Lydia who looked good. Then Natalie walks by and heads upstairs to take a bath in the HOH room. Lydia jokes that she wants Natalie to bathe naked. Lydia is working overtime like the rent is due tomorrow! She better be careful though. Operation Sex Bomb can blow up in her face if she's too obnoxious.

My most favorite seduction of the night was her attack on Jessie. She cooed, she touched, she batted her lashes, she hugged, she snuggled, she let a single tear drop down her face (hello Demi). Girl can cry on cue! Here's a little snippet of the almost 30 minute seduction that went on last night:

After Jessie, Lydia went to work on Ronnie. She told Ronnie that she wanted a "nice person" to win the game and she implied that Chima was not that person. Chima, in fact, is a bitch. She thinks Chima is mean and then plays off her meanness by pretending she's funny. I really can't tell if Ronnie was taking the bait. He was acting like he was, but, then again, he's also tight with Natalie and Laura. I can't get a read on the guy quite yet.

Let's touch on some of the other HG's and how they're not living up to my first impressions...

Jordan is way more outgoing than I gave her credit for. She's bitchy, flirty, and speaks up. Knowing that she's only really seen footage of the CBS shows makes me think that she's not hyper aware of the cameras yet. She's not privy to what acting like a fool will do to you on youtube and thank heaven for that! Laura, on the other hand, is very uptight. She's long-faced and sad, busy thinking all the time, making sure the cameras are getting her at her best angle. Thus far, she's a big boobed bore!

Natalie is scrappy, low maintenance, and tight with all the guys. She's young and it shows. She's rushed into alliances without thinking about how they can advance her game. I wouldn't be surprised if her Athletic clique turns on her in the future. And if Chima leaves this week, she's down a female ally which will hurt her in the end. For some reason, she's completely made herself at home in Jessie's HOH. She listens to his music, stays in his room while he showers, bathes in his tub. I'm not even really getting an impression that Jessie is all that tight with her, but Man Beast can't afford to make any enemies I guess so he lets her do what she wants.

Casey is annoying. Have you ever seen that movie Malibu's Most Wanted with Jaime Kennedy? Well, we have a new B-Rad in the house and thy name is Casey. DJ Jazzy Casey, when not talking about the game, is obnoxious, idiotic, and childish. When Casey Kasem starts gets serious though, I really really like him. He's got a lot going on upstairs as demonstrated in a convo he had with Kevin.

MC White does NOT trust Jeff. He's convinced Jeff threw the HOH competition insisting there's no way a guy that athletic could have fallen so quickly. He thinks floaters need to go ASAP - this may include Ronnie whom he thinks makes more money than he's letting on. He wants Natalie gone SPECIFICALLY for being 18 (I knew that lie was moronic and would backfire). He thinks Laura could be an ally because she's in desperate need of allies. His approach is to play the game week by week and reevaluate what his alliances are before moving forward. Smart. It's always bugged me when people would assume they'd win HOH or POV and then make elaborate plans around wins that hadn't even happened yet. It looks like, for now, he's leaning towards keeping Lydia in the game. Thank you Casey.

Late night after Showtime ended, the HG's decided to put on a little beauty pageant type show in the BY. Casey, shockingly funny, hosted and here's what went down:

Late in the night, Lydia worked a little more on Natalie and Michele. Natalie seemed to be taking the bait saying she felt bad that Lydia was so upset, but early this morning she told Jessie that she would not vote out Chima. Jessie doesn't think Chima needs the money, but, unfortunately, he's also leaning towards getting rid of Lydia.

Today is crucial. Lydia needs to stop being so fake and over the top and make some real alliances. She's definitely very close to going home if she loses POV tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how Operation Sex Bomb evolves today.

So what did you guys think about last night? Who are you liking? Hating? How did your first impressions change? Spill it. I'm all ears.


  1. ok the love fest with jesse was so funny he didnt touch manchelle that much the whole time in the house with her lol but she better watch it she is going to get in between the bromance and they will get rid of her i like jeff he is a cutie and he isnt a sheep yet o the old guy is funny and smart eh havent really found a girl i like yet lol

  2. Thanks Lala for the clips, loved the fashion show. I too am liking Lydia, also Ronnie but I'm not sure why yet.

  3. Thanks so much for the updates. I have the live feeds but haven't had time to watch much ( and when I do, all I see is goldfish..ggrrr) I like Lydia, I wasn't sure about her at first but from what I read on your update she seems pretty cool. I saw an early morning convo between Lydia and Casey, and Casey was alright. He was giving Lydia some "fatherly" type of advice, both seemed sencere, but you never know in BB. I also like Jordan, Ronnie seems to be all over the place, and Michele is sitting back observing " the lab rats" I can't stand Jessie and when I first saw Russell I knew that he is another Jessie..uugghh. I Don't like Laura, she is another Jen, which I could not stand. I haven't seen enough of Kevin but he may be ok, seems to be laying low for now. Chimichanga needs to GO! That girl is getting on my last nerve...I hope the other HG heard her say "I didn't sign up for this". That would piss me off if I were in there!!..Okey Dokey..I done for now but PLEASE continue to keep us updated. This is the best site I have found for updates ( and I love the bonus clips! Have you ever tried to get on Big Brother?! Thanks again!!!! ....till later, Genie!