Monday, July 6, 2009

Jeff from Chicaaaaaaago Interview

Jeff has an annoying Midwestern accent and says whiny people get on his nerves. Well, Jeffy Pooh, your voice gets on my nerves, don't ya know?

Oh Jeff is so blah. He bores me. Nothing about him is interesting. The most interesting thing about this interview is how Diane will NOT SHUT UP ABOUT LOSING HER SEASON DUE TO HER SHOWMANCE! I am so done with Diane right now. Seriously, girlfriend, you have issues. Go get yourself some therapy and get over that goddamn showmance that is still causing you so much grief.

A good thing about Jeff is he's willing to have a showmance. Good for you Jeffy Pooh! There's nothing wrong with a little onscreen lovin' that I can dissect and make fun of. Nothing wrong with it at all.

Another good thing about Jeff (hmmm maybe he's not so bad after all) is that he called out Diane about being so MAJORLY sensitive to her own pathetic loser-y showmance. Thank you Jeff! Finally, someone had the balls to say something to her.


  1. Of the guys, I like him the best. I don't think he's gonna win. He's there for fun not to win.

  2. You like him better than Kevin? Blasphemy!

  3. one good thing about not having the live feeds you dont have to see the hg trying to have pitiful sex and hide from the cameras i couldnt stand april and ollie ......eber:)