Sunday, July 5, 2009

Butter Face Braden Interview

Douche bag says what? Oh dear god this guy is brimming with cliches and he's gonna "rock the show and blow it up! Bring it on and keep it real!". *stabs myself in ear* Braden also says that, "Women are the root of all evil." Uh yeah, because I think you like dick dude. If you're gay, embrace it! Actually, I think he's a switch hitter. By the way, the most wonderful people on the planet play on both teams. ;)

The interviewer (Diane from season 2) asks him point blank if he's done porn and he says, "No, no porn." He respects his family too much to do porn (but obviously not enough to show his wang on a popular gay drama). Whatever brah. Own it! Obviously, Diane knows that Braden has dropped trou on tv. You can hear it in her voice. Why she didn't press him on it is beyond me.

Seriously, how much does Diane want Braden's ass already?

Ugh. I hate him. He was much more interesting when I hadn't heard him speak.

More interviews on the way!


  1. Just can't listen to more that 2 minutes of him. How am I gonna listen to him in the house?

  2. I feel dirty after watching this. Who was interviewing who here? This was like watching a strange blind date where the girl can't believe how hot the blind date is. And he is totally gross, but not gross enough where I actually care enough to hate him.