Saturday, June 22, 2013

McCrae: "Know Your Role, Shut Your Hole"

Meet 23 year old Pizza Delivery Guy McCrae Olson. McCrae and his delicious fro come to us from Zimmerman, Minnesota. For some reason, McCrae wasn't available for to do an extended interview (was he an alternate?) which means I am forced to sit through a very painful 2 minutes and 39 seconds of Jeff Schroeder. *makes the sign of the cross* Wish me luck.

McCrae describes himself as a super fan and a "feedster". While I can appreciate his commitment to Big Brother, the feedsters are always the ones who feel the need to talk to the camera and, as we all know, that makes me insane. I watch Big Brother to be a voyeur so when Houseguests break the fourth wall it is like they are stealing from me. They are stealing my right to spy without getting caught.

Moving on, we find out that McCrae loves being a Pizza Delivery Guy. He loves to meet new people and bring them sustenance when their asses are too lazy to cook for themselves. He's enthusiastic and excited, but with the jaunty jingles and that horrid Jeff Schroeder I'm having a tough time get a true assessment of the young McCrae. Jeff is doing his talk-show schtick and I think it's making McCrae act like he needs to perform and be bubbly. Why does CBS keep giving Jeff gigs? He's the worst!

As far as the game goes, McCrae is not entirely against a showmance. If it benefits him, he could woo a young lady with the fine art of romance as long as you "know your role, shut your hole." Now, I have no idea what this has to do with romance - other than some really icky thoughts in which butt plugs are involved - but it does tell me that McCrae may have some humor potential. He's a little awkward (not Ian awkward) and I appreciate how he isn't afraid to look directly into the camera.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you much more about McCrae because of that twit Jeff and his moronic questions. For the most part, McCrae seems likable. We'll just have to wait and see.

So, what do you think of McCrae? Will he flirt his way to a victory? Do you want a side order of buffalo wings with that? Comment it out, bitches!

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  1. Could be a real wildcard. He's prob not ending up in a showmance with this crew of ladies, but who knows?

    And I don't mind the talking to the camera. Not being an attention whore on BBAD, but I like the HGs that are by themselves in the hammock or the lounge and talk out their strategy so I know what they're actually thinking.

  2. I want to stab him, Elissa, and Andy in the face. Those three are def the center of my hate this season.

  3. I'm Cray-cray for McCrae. So far he's the only likeable person on the show. They picked him so that the normal audience member can relate to. Helen is a close second, but she plays the politic game. I hate political people, they are always in the middle, so to not offend anyone on either side.