Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kaitlin: Big Heart, Big Problems

23 year old Kaitlin Barnaby comes to us from Minneapolis, Minnesota where she works as a bartender. Although I'm not entirely sure that she's not made of plastic. I once saw a mannequin in the window at Neiman Marcus that looks JUST LIKE her. Come to think of it, there were beach balls in that window too. What are the chances?!

Seriously though, despite that horrifying photograph, Kaitlin is kind of cute and can actually speak. Only, she speaks like this, "I come frum Minnesoota." BUT she did go to private Catholic school all her life. Me too! And trust me, there is a very good chance that this chick could be a hot mess. Or so I've heard.

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Moving on, Kaitlin describes herself as a sweetheart who is really bad at confrontation. She is also a complete newbie who was recruited in a bar to be on the show. Personally, I don't mind the recruits because they tend to be more uninhibited than cast members who are overly familiar with the show. I do, however, take issue with her eyebrow situation. Did she use a Sharpie or coal from the barbecue?

Like the others who have spoken repeatedly about their outgoing personalities or their African American-ness, Kaitlin likes to talk a great deal about her "big heart". This enormous heart of hers apparently gives her an edge as far as the game goes. But, when I look up "enlarged heart" on the google machine I immediately grow concerned because there is a very good chance that Kaitlin could have coronary artery disease or heart valve problems. She might be able to keep the condition under control with medications or she could need surgery. Dr. Lala to the rescue!

In addition to telling us about her medical issues, Kaitlin also likes to say, "We'll see how that works out" quite a bit. For example, "I'm a complete newbie. We'll see how that works out." Or, "I tend to put other people before myself. We'll see how that works out." This chick has no idea what she's gotten herself into. We'll see how that works out.

Diving further into the mystery that is Kaitlin, it looks like I might have been right on the money in regards to that "hot mess" thing I mentioned earlier. Kaitlin's strategy in the house is to be standoffish and then ally with the guys. Spoken like a true Catholic school girl! Told you. Takes one to know one.

Overall, Kaitlin is a fuzzy one for me. I think I see potential here, but I'm not completely sold yet. She is definitely one that I'm going to keep my eye on.

So, what do you think of Kaitlin? Could she fall into the same luck that other recruit, Jordan, did? Will her strategy of cozying up to the men work against her? Comment it out, bitches!

We may have a seductress on our hands. You definitely don't want to miss that! Get your Live Feeds while they're hot and cheap.

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  1. Ooooh, I like this one. She'll definitely attract the guys, and I don't think she'll talk too much. Plus I like that she doesn't trust people.

    I could see her getting a cushy spot in an alliance where no one targets her for awhile.

    Cool chick, I hope her fate is better than Kristen's (BB12).